Ground-Breaking Ignition Technology from Transient Plasma Systems Proven to Make Gasoline-Powered Vehicles Cleaner and More Efficient

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Advanced combustion strategies enabled by the TPS Ignition System could result in fuel economy gains higher than 20 percent TORRANCE, California – 6/8/2022 New research confirms an untapped advanced ignition technology offers proven solutions for significantly cleaner gasoline engines that auto manufacturers can implement immediately. Transient Plasma Systems Inc. (TPS), … Read More

Transient Plasma Systems Reports Significant Breakthroughs in Ignition Technology

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Bringing it Closer to Commercialization TORRANCE, California – 12/15/2021 Innovator of high-power plasma systems surpasses critical milestones in its plan to bring its technology to market across various applications, including vehicle ignition Transient Plasma Systems Inc. (TPS), which develops and markets nanosecond pulsed power systems that unlock the potential of … Read More

‘Lightning bolt’ approach to fuel ignition

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LINDSAY CHAPPELL – 8/30/2021 Transient Plasma Solutions wants to make ignition more powerful. And by doing that, combustion engines could run cleaner. Dan Singleton was a graduate student on a research project a few years ago, showing the U.S. Navy how a powerful new technology called “pulsed power” could help … Read More

How Gasoline Engines Can Survive in an Electric Car Future

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RYAN LUGO – 6/15/2021 Advancing technology can keep conventional engines humming for decades. Combustion engines won’t completely disappear any time soon, if ever. Certain transportation tasks or operating environments simply don’t lend themselves to battery- or hydrogen-powered electric propulsion. A century and a half of research and development has greatly … Read More

Is Lightning-Fast Plasma the Key to a Cleaner Car Engine?

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DANIEL OBERHAUS – 9/9/2020 Researchers have long experimented with “lean burn” engines, which boost efficiency and reduce the emissions from combustion. But getting them to ignite is tricky. THERE ARE SOMETHING like a billion cars on the world’s roads today and almost all of them are powered by internal combustion. … Read More

TPS Featured in AN Shift Article – Transient Plasma Systems Ignition Breakthrough Promises Super-Low Emissions, Fuel Efficiency

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Jack Keebler | Automotive News – Shift Magazine We get frequent reminders that we are on the “bleeding edge” of autodom’s electrification. And the reality is that because of huge EV production investments and battery costs, as well as range and charging issues, the internal combustion engine will likely remain … Read More